What is Skryptic Escape Game?

With Skryptic Escape Game, each adventure takes you into a rich, coherent and immersive narrative. Every detail has been thought out to immerse you in our universes.

Step №1

Assemble a team of 2 to 6 people, depending on

Step №2

Book your adventure directly on our website

Step №3

Meet on site at the indicated time

Step №4

Find yourself locked up in the universe of your choice

Step №5

Search for clues and share them with your team

Step №6

Solve the puzzles and escape in the allotted time

Step №7

Receive your souvenir photo at the end of your session and share it with your friends and your social networks!

Why chose Skryptic Escape Game?
Fully immersive realistic rooms designed with the support of film and theatre professionals
Coherent storytelling oriented towards puzzle originality and manipulations
Ingenious and innovative mechanisms in each adventure
Not limited to continuous padlocks, action and manipulation oriented
Guaranteed warm welcome and dedicated support from your Game Master
Available for all

With family or friends, for team buildings or company parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, as well as birthdays. Skryptic Escape game provides an immersive and out of the ordinary experience
Our adventures are can be adapted and made more accessible for the younger adventurers

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Address: 14, Port Saint Etienne, 31000, Toulouse, France

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Phone: 06 19 89 43 03

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